The Process

The strategy behind the solution

Here is a little insight into the multi-stage process of creating solutions

Stage One

Discovery: Identifying the challenge

Discovery is the preliminary research stage, building a solid foundation for ideas. Creating meaningful solutions for organizations begins with a deep understanding of their needs. This first meeting will give us in-depth knowledge of all sides of the challenge and the history that brought it to this point and it is essential in designing its solution. Discovery means opening up to new opportunities, and getting inspired for new ideas.

Stage Two

Interpretation: Setting the course

Interpretation transforms the information garnered in Stage One into meaningful insights. Observations, field visits, or just simple conversation can be great inspiration, but finding meaning in that and turning it into actionable opportunities for solutions is not an easy task. It involves research, sorting and condensing thoughts, until a compelling point of view and clear direction for ideation emerges. This is where we set targets to help guide our concept development in later stages.

Stage Three

Ideation: Inspired solutions

Ideation means generating lots of ideas. Brainstorming encourages expansive thinking without constraints, and approaching the challenge from all angles. Often it's the wild ideas that spark the thought that forms something visionary. With careful preparation and a set of guidelines to follow, a brainstorm session can yield hundreds of fresh ideas. At this stage we will set a second meeting to consult with clients and present the best solutions for their challenge.

Stage Four

Experimentation: Creating the solutions

Experimentation brings solutions to life. Building prototypes means making ideas and concepts tangible, learning while building them, and sharing them with clients. Even early and rough prototypes can evoke a direct response and help learn how to further improve and refine an idea. This is where the core of our collaboration really begins to take shape.

Stage Five

Evolution: Adapting to tomorrow

Evolution is the development of a solution over time. It involves planning the next steps beyond final execution, communicating the idea to people who can help realize it, and documenting the process. Change often happens over time, and reminders of even subtle signs of progress are important. At Source Reactor we are proud to be a part of your development team creating solutions for you today and maintaining that quality into the future.

A few words from our clients

For all of Umbrella's data needs, [Source Reactor] is our guy

[Chris at Source Reactor] isn't just collaborative, he joins the team, rolls up his sleeves and gets the job done. We appreciate his honest and flexible approach, and his professional customer service skills - even after the job is complete he checks in to ensure we are happy. You don't get that personal touch anymore, and it's those small details that puts Chris ahead of the rest.

Sharlene Law, Team Lead Umbrella Society

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